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Help your child to sleep peacefully through the night through a personalized sleep plan and committed support
What if...
  • You could lay your child into bed and they put themselves to sleep peacefully?

  • You had a clear explanation and solution to your child's sleep struggles?

  • You were no longer tired and could finally be the best version of yourself?

  • Your child was getting the sleep he/she needs to thrive?

What if this could be achieved gently and with complete respect to your child?

Have you found yourself...
  • Trying countless ways to help your child sleep better, but nothing seems to work? 

  • Trying to let your baby cry for a period of time, but it only made things worse?

  • Trying to address all of your toddlers fears and needs at bedtime, but they continue to come to your room throughout the night?

  • Waiting it out, hoping it was just a stage that would pass, but it never did?

It's likely you are missing one (or both) of these things:
  1. The right plan for your child and family

  2. Consistency

Imagine if...
  • You knew exactly what to do to solve your child's sleep

  • You were no longer doing it alone, but had a sleep expert alongside you in the process

  • You finally felt rested and were able to thrive as a parent

I've been were you are and come out on the other side. That experience ignited a passion inside of me (and the rest is history). I want every family to experience the rest, freedom and complete restoration that comes when your child is sleeping well!

I work with families who:
  • Are ready to make the effort to improve their child's sleep

  • Want a clear plan crafted specifically for their child and family's needs

  • Want individualized support along the way

  • Want a committed coach who will make sure they are successful

I am all in with my clients. Once you come on board with me, I'm with you until your child is sleeping well! I've helped 100% of my clients achieve their goals. I intentionally keep my client number low so I can give you the level of support you need and deserve.

How it actually works:
  • Detailed Questionnaire: This is where I always begin so I can get to know you, your child and your family.

  • Customized Sleep Plan: You will receive a sleep plan that I have created specifically for your child and family's needs. It will be a clear step by step plan to improving your child's sleep.

  • Private Consultation: You will learn why your child isn't sleeping well and we will discuss exactly how we are going to fix it. I walk you through the sleep plan, what to expect and what support you will receive along the way.

  • Go time! You pick a start date and we begin! We are on the phone the first morning and I support you the entire time through sleep log monitoring, phone calls and email or Voxer support.

  • Celebrate: We finish our work together with a call to celebrate how far we've come and I set you up with everything you should need for sleep challenges you may encounter in the future.

When we are done working together, your child will be able to sleep independently through the night!

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Photo Credit: Courtney Schuster Photography

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