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Let me guess. You've been looking everywhere for answers on how to get your child to sleep better. Your mom, your friends, the internet, books (but who has time to read?). You hear conflicting answers everywhere you turn and you still have lots of questions. Keep reading for some answers! Don't see your question here? Send it to me and I will answer it personally!

Why is Sleep Sense the right method to use?

As you search for ideas on how to help your child sleep better, you will come across a lot of conflicting information. It's hard to filter through everything to find what will work for your family.

The Sleep Sense method is unique in that it accommodates your own parenting style and is customized for your child. In addition to that, it goes beyond the "how" to the "why". I will teach you about the process of sleep and why your child is not sleeping well. Then we will go straight to the core issue to solve the problem. Once your child learns independent sleep skills (no matter how young they are), those skills will stay with them for life!


50,000 families (and counting!) all over the world have been successful at helping their children sleep through the night since Sleep Sense was founded 17 years ago.

Sleep Sense™ Philosophy

Is this a "cry it out" method?

Crying is your child's way to protest something. As we make changes to his/her sleep habits, we can expect it to be met with some level of protest. (There will be crying). But, I will never ask you to leave your child alone to cry or to ignore those cries. The reason this method is effective is because we will develop a plan that you are comfortable with. You know your child best!

Won't my child just grow out of this naturally?

Not likely. The majority of sleep issues last 3-5 years. A baby who doesn't sleep well becomes a toddler who doesn't sleep well and so on. 

I've heard you can't sleep train until 4 months old. What is your take?

The Sleep Sense approach is unique in that there is no minimum age. A newborn baby IS capable of learning some self-soothing techniques! We use a gentle approach for all children, especially for newborns. "Begin as you mean to go". The earlier you start working with your child, the less likely it is that you will fall into habits that cause sleepless nights.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately I am not able to take insurance at this time. I can, however, provide you with a detailed invoice for a Health Savings Account reimbursement.

Do you work with multiples? How much will it cost?

Absolutely, I would love to help! I understand that parents of multiples have to buy two (or more) of everything! When we work together on sleep for your little ones, I don't want the cost to be a burden for you. You will purchase one package based on the age of your children. There is no extra charge for multiples.

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