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Hi, I’m Carrie. My husband and I, along with our two boys are from Centennial Colorado but currently call Southern Illinois home. My journey into Sleep Consulting started in the summer of 2018. I found myself in the most stressful and lonely place I’d been in my entire life. I woke up each morning feeling anxious about what lay ahead of me. I dreaded nap time and bedtime. Exhausted and frustrated, I was not capable of being the mother, wife or person I truly was. I was desperate and knew I couldn’t go on like that. 

We had been trying everything we could think of to get our youngest to sleep: rocking and patting, attempting to prop up the pacifier so it wouldn't fall out, purchasing every type of swaddle blanket, hovering by his room hoping to catch him at the perfect moment to help him back to sleep. Some nights we even resorted to holding him. All. Night. Long. None of this worked! We needed help. This is when I found Sleep Sense.

The first thing I learned was that you have to teach your baby to sleep! Who knew? This little guy was doing his best, but he just didn’t have the skills he needed to put himself to sleep. After implementing the methods of Sleep Sense he was sleeping through the night in a few short DAYS. He started taking great naps as well. It was the biggest relief I’d ever felt.

This personal victory led me on a journey to become a Certified Sleep Consultant. I have completed an extensive training program under Dana Obleman, founder of Sleep Sense. My desire is to be there for moms who have found themselves in that desperate place. Don't let yourself believe that moms are supposed to be tired, that there is no other way. Sleep is essential to life, just like food. It's important for not only your health, but the health and well-being of your child as well. You wouldn’t allow your little one to be deprived of the nutrients he or she needs, would you? Sleep is just as important!

It would be my privilege to come alongside you, give you the tools, information and encouragement you need to teach your baby how to sleep well. I want you and your child to feel RESTORED when you wake each morning after a full night of sleep!



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