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0-12 weeks

Help navigating the 4th trimester and how to give your new baby the gift of healthy sleep habits as they grow

This package sets expectant parents and parents of newborns up for success.


Begin teaching your baby independent sleep skills from the beginning and you will reap the benefits early on! I will guide you in avoiding (or escaping) the trap of sleep props and set your baby on the right trajectory for a lifetime of good sleep.


Support must begin before baby is 8 weeks old and lasts until your child is 12 weeks old. (Support for babies 8-12 weeks old varies, please reach out for more information!)


The package includes:

  • Newborn Sleep Plan (Everything you need to know about your child's sleep needs, bedtime, routines, naps, and a timeline of what to expect)

  • Private Consultation (What to expect in the early weeks, how to structure your baby's day, methods to gently guide your baby toward developing excellent sleep skills)

  • 4 scheduled phone calls (4- 20 minute calls)

  • Weekly email support (Until 12 weeks old)

  • Take Care Package (With multiple resources such as a first year calendar, nap transition information, what to do when your child gets sick, etc)

Hear from a client who started when her son was 6 weeks old:

"Before beginning the sleep plan Carrie laid out for us, we were frustrated and exhausted, unsure about how to get out of the sleep props we’d set in place. But in no time our lives were changed! We felt free again and so proud of our son and all he was learning. I can now lay him down, leave the room, and know with confidence that he has the skills and ability to put himself to sleep."​

Total for the package: $250*

*Local clients can opt to upgrade to an in-home consultation and nursery evaluation.

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