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Sleep Resource Library


Welcome! I'm so glad you are here! My goal here is to make your journey in parenting a little bit easier and help your family thrive with some guidance and tips on sleep. I hope you find something helpful for your family as you work with your child on improving their sleep. If you have any questions about your child specifically, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'd love to meet you!


For ages 0-3 years old. Appropriate awake times, number of naps, how much sleep, etc.

Awake Window Guide_edited.jpg

Sample schedules and sleep needs based on age (0-12 mos). Includes nap transition info!

Year One Sleep Schedules_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Tips for getting there, managing sleep while away and handling regressions upon returning home. Also includes a packing list!

travel guide page 1_edited.jpg

For babies 0-12 months. Guide for how to dress baby according to room temperature.

Baby Dressing Guide_edited.jpg

It's important to recognize the signs of fatigue in your baby. If your child goes to sleep overtired, they won't sleep well!

stages of fatigue_edited_edited.jpg

This one isn't sleep related, it's just for fun! You can attach this note to a little goodie bag when traveling with your baby.

Flying cards pic_edited_edited.jpg

If you'd like all of these resources with only one download, click the link above!

Covering topics from melatonin use to night feeds to escaping toddlers, I have years' worth of blog posts for you!

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