Infant and Child
Sleep Consulting

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Is your baby waking up throughout the night?

Is your toddler struggling to sleep without you?

Looking for some help?

Imagine laying your baby down or tucking your child into bed tonight. You say goodnight, give them a kiss and walk out of the room. They effortlessly put themselves to sleep and stay asleep for 10-12 hours.

If this is what you are looking for, you are in the right place. I can't wait to meet you!



Hi, my name is Carrie Froese. I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and the founder of Restored Sleep Consulting. My passion is to help tired families teach their children how to sleep well so they can thrive. Sleep is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle - for you and your child. I know the desperation that is felt when your child struggles to sleep...

Get access to an entire library of FREE sleep resources. Awake window guides, sample sleep schedules, travel guide and more! 



0-12 weeks

Establishing healthy sleep habits from the beginning will help ensure your little one develops into a healthy, independent sleeper. 

3-17 months

For parents tired of sleepless nights, short naps, or trying to get their little one to sleep in their own crib!

Toddler/Big Kid
18 mos +

For the toddler, preschooler, or older child who never quite got the hang of sleeping well, is still waking up at night, or struggling with other sleep issues.


"I never understood the necessity of a sleep consultant until my second baby. I could not figure her out, plus I had less energy and resorted to easy tactics like a pacifier and feeding to sleep. It seemed easier until I felt like my days were never-ending and my energy and patience declining. I reached out to Carrie, and wow it was totally worth the investment. She was there for me every step of the way, always encouraging and enlightening me on ways to keep Zoey on track. Her plan was specifically for Zoey, and easy to understand and follow.  I would highly recommend Carrie. She is so calm and helpful. She gave me back control of my life! Zoey almost sleeps 12 hours at night. I could not have done this alone, Carrie made it happen, I would've given up without her!"

—  Roxanne, Mom to 6 month old